MABE Conference Highlights

Kellie Bugajski and Nadra Shami had the honor of being featured speakers this year at the Michigan Association for Bilingual Education (MABE) Annual Conference.  This institute inspires educators and provides practical strategies that can be implemented immediately in classrooms. This ensures that English Learners are not only able to feel a greater sense of belonging, but also receive the tools they need to excel in core academic classes. Both Nadra and Kellie presented on topics related to Culturally Responsive teaching.  MaryEllen Vogt, SIOP author and national presenter, spoke very highly of Dearborn Public Schools’ fidelity and implementation of SIOP methodologies.

Kellie and Mary Ellen Vogt pose for a picture

“My Potential” EL Mentoring at EFHS

A couple years ago, the Edsel Ford team organized the EL Mentoring committee with the help of the Dearborn Rotary Club.  Third and fourth year ELs mentor incoming freshmen throughout the year.  They are provided with opportunities to meet, interact and attend field trips.

The “My Potential” EL Mentoring Club had its 2nd Career Fair at EFHS yesterday.  ELs in the mentoring club were able to hear from a variety of speakers to learn about various professions.

Special thanks to the Edsel Ford team and their Bilingual Department’s mentors and mentees in helping make this event successful.

Group picture

MRI Tech table


Registered Nurse meets with students Students at table to discuss career options Students meet with board member and software entrepreneur Customs FOfficer Student Resource Officer

District Parent Meeting – A Look at Assessments

The EL Department hosted another district parent meeting.  Language and Literacy Trainers facilitated segments on the different assessments administered to K-12 students.  NWEA, MSTEP, P/SAT and WIDA were explained followed by links to parent and student resources.  Many thanks to Nadia Makled in the District Assessment office for her collaboration in helping the EL Department Team put the information together for parents.

Language and Literacy Trainer presenting on MSTEP Language and Literacy Trainer presenting on NWEA

Language and Literacy Trainer presenting on PSAT/SAT Parents in the audience listening in to presentations


Essential Practices 6-12

ELD Specialists and Title I teachers collaborated with secondary math and literacy coaches and coordinators in the 6-12 Essential Literacy Practices.  The focus of the Essential Practices at the secondary level is on disciplinary literacy.  Participants delved into deep discussion and analysis of essential practice #1 through several activities.


Secondary Teachers Collaborating     


A Campus Visit to U of M Dearborn

Fordson High School EL students toured the campus of U of M Dearborn which had a major impact on them.   The students were greeted by the Admissions Counselor Ms. Tubbs and presented with the history of U of M, admissions/financial aid, and programs offered to students.

Students sitting at tables listening to speaker. Students collaborating at tables. Students sitting at table.

Secondary Early Literacy Training

Secondary ELD and Title I teachers participated in day 1 of a three day professional learning opportunity on early literacy.

Day 1 included participants engaging in planning differentiated reading instruction for beginning level English Learners as well as learning about various formative assessments to monitor growth.


ELD Specialists and Title 1 teachers collaborating together at a table.


ELD Specialists and Title 1 teachers collaborating together at a table.

ESEA Distinguished Schools

Maples Elementary School was recognized by the National Association of ESEA State Program Administrators (NAESPA) as a National ESEA Distinguished School.  Maples Elementary is one of up to 100 schools throughout the country that is being nationally recognized for exceptional student achievement in 2018.  Congratulations students, teachers and administrators for representing Dearborn and Michigan!


District Parent Meeting

January 29, 2018

The EL Department hosted another district parent meeting.  Language and Literacy Trainers facilitated segments on strategies that integrated reading, writing, listening and speaking.  Parents were engaged and were excited to try the same strategies with their children at home.


Language and Literacy

A 3-day Language and Literacy workshop for NEW teachers in the EF Feeder Track was launched on Wednesday, January 16.  Teachers from Geer, Miller, Salina Intermediate and Snow attended.

The workshop provides a seven step process that creates a language-rich interactive classroom environment in which all students can thrive. Topics include instructional practices for students at a variety of language proficiency levels, keeping all students engaged, and creating powerful learning supports.  Strategies also focus on structured opportunities for listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Day 1 Handouts and Materials

Here’s what some teachers had to share:
“The most valuable part of today’s workshop was the part on deciphering WIDA scores for appropriate levels to get a visual on where students are with their language proficiency.  This will allow me to better my instruction for students.”
“Everything I learned today was so valuable!  If I had to choose one, it would have to be the accommodations I can do for ELs based on their WIDA scores…and how to pair AB partners.  Thank you!”
“The most valuable part of today’s workshop was making sure to include all students during every activity and making it imperative that everyone is involved in listening, writing, speaking and reading.  I will focus on the strategies provided and include them in my lessons.”
“It was a very informative workshop.  I was able to make connections to my classroom and how I would be able to optimize instruction.”  
“The most valuable part of today’s workshop was the sharing of strategies and practices that I can immediately use in my classroom.  I loved it!  I feel empowered to help ELs!”