“My Potential” EL Mentoring at EFHS

A couple years ago, the Edsel Ford team organized the EL Mentoring committee with the help of the Dearborn Rotary Club.  Third and fourth year ELs mentor incoming freshmen throughout the year.  They are provided with opportunities to meet, interact and attend field trips.

The “My Potential” EL Mentoring Club had its 2nd Career Fair at EFHS yesterday.  ELs in the mentoring club were able to hear from a variety of speakers to learn about various professions.

Special thanks to the Edsel Ford team and their Bilingual Department’s mentors and mentees in helping make this event successful.

Group picture

MRI Tech table


Registered Nurse meets with students Students at table to discuss career options Students meet with board member and software entrepreneur Customs FOfficer Student Resource Officer

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