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District Parent Meeting

The EL Department hosted the first District Parent Meeting of 2018-2019 on Monday, October 22nd.   The goal is to continue supporting our district vision of establishing partnerships with parents and addressing our families’ needs.  Our focus this year is on instructional strategies that make connections between the expectations of school and learning at home. Our ELD Specialists recruited parents that were willing to bring back information learned to share with other parents at their child’s school.

The parents were actively engaged in four rounds of small group instruction led by the EL Trainers.  The EL Trainers focused on Reading Foundational skills that are closely aligned to the Michigan Department of Education Essential Practices for Early Literacy.

Oral Language Development – Visual Thinking Strategy

Phonics and/or Word Work – Frayer model supporting Academic Language

Guided Reading – Echo Reading and Dyad Reading to emphasize fluency

Writing – Expanding sentences with a focus on Parts of Speech

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