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Colorin Colorado in Dearborn Schools

Colorin Colorado  will showcase Dearborn Public Schools on an upcoming project.  The goal is to create a produced video piece and companion resources about the ways in which Dearborn schools support ELs, immigrant students, and their families.

Their initial visit to Dearborn was on April 13, 2018 by Christian Lindstrom.   The purpose of the preliminary visit was to help arrange filming schedules, logistics, and necessary permissions before filming.

During this visit, Christian had the opportunity to explore how Dearborn comprehensively and systematically supports students and their families, specifically immigrant and English Learners.  She started her day by sitting in on a parent meeting hosted at Salina Elementary, followed by parent interviews about their experience in the country and the school.

She also visited several classrooms where newcomers were scheduled.  She observed whole group instruction, teacher-led small group instruction as well as student-centered group work. Additionally, Christian interviewed support staff, including social workers, parent liaisons, counselors, secretaries, ELD Specialists as well as building and district administrators.

Christian was also welcomed into the homes of two families.  She was given the opportunity to interview them and learn about their experience coming to the United States and their journey learning a new language and acculturating.

Teacher and students in the classrom

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  • Maura Sedgeman says:

    Wonderful! Dearborn is always a model for other districts. That is great that you are sharing with the world.

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