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Oakman Teachers Lead Learning

Oakman teachers participated in Culturally Responsive Teaching during their late start last week.  The topic was Leading Learning for Children from Poverty.  After reading an article and discussion they collaborated to create anchor charts that represent six effective practices for teachers to help students to succeed.  These effective practices include:
  • Connecting and Validating students is accomplished when effective educators build relationships and believe all students can be successful.  Validating means the focus is shifted from what a student doesn’t know  to what a student can do.
  • Educating and Responding allows students to soar in welcoming, inviting, and structured classrooms.  Students are given multiple opportunities to succeed and are allowed to demonstrate mastery through learning style.  Responding includes ensuring time is built into the school day for the teacher to teach, reteach, and advance instruction.
  • Leading and Succeeding involves working together to develop the best environment for students. If every child is taught to his or her strengths, every child will preform and master content at higher levels.

2 thoughts on “Oakman Teachers Lead Learning

  • Maura Sedgeman says:

    Great training for all teachers! This is another success story for Dearborn Public Schools and the EL and Compensatory Education Department leading the way.

  • Mahmoud Abu-Rus says:

    It was a super valuable learning opportunity. Thank you to our ELL department for the continuous work to support our teachers . Special kudos to Kellie B for providing the workshop.

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