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New Teachers Meet SIOP

EL Language and Literacy Trainers led an after school session for new teachers with a focus on Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP) strategies.  The session focused on developing academic language through structured word work, listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Here’s what teachers had to share in their feedback after the session:

The portion of the session that was the most helpful was…

“…going through a lesson ourselves so we could hands on see the strategies.”

“…working through the lesson and figuring out how to use the strategies in my classroom.”

“…the variety of strategies, questions, and the opportunity for communication and interaction with other groups.”

“I found that when we actually participated in the reading activities… it helped me get a better grasp on the intentions and benefits of the activity.”

New Teachers engage in group work as presenter facilitates workshop in Stout team room.

Teachers interact with vocabulary word cards before they read.


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