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Two Mindsets

Fordson High School teachers spent their Thursday afternoon engaging in Professional Development.  The EL Department facilitated a Culturally Responsive Teaching session on Growth vs. Fixed Mindsets and their effects on student achievement.  Growth Mindset is the belief that intelligence, talents and abilities can be developed.  Students that demonstrate a growth mindset:
  • significantly outscore others in the areas of math and literacy
  • are more likely to recognize the importance of effort in academic success
  • seek out challenging academic tasks to enhance learning
  • value critical feedback
The teachers explored how to build a classroom culture that supports a growth mindset regardless of student background or experiences. It’s important to understand that it isn’t just about effort; students need to try new strategies and seek input from others when they’re stuck. Students need this repertoire of approaches—not just sheer effort—to learn and improve.  Keeping in mind that “Smart is something you become, not something you are”, the teachers committed to one action that will create a positive mindset in their classroom practices.

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