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Fordson High School Hosts Visitors

A team of educators from Kentwood High School spent an engaging day at Fordson High School on Tuesday, December 17, 2016.   

Kentwood Public Schools ​has experienced a significant growth in their EL population in the past year and recognize the need to restructure their EL services and professional development.  The team of administrators and teachers were interested in the scheduling of our EL students, course placement, procedures and protocols, resources, staffing, and professional learning.  The visit included classroom observations in Language Arts, Biology, World History, Algebra 2, and Chemistry.  They also had time to debrief with the EL Department and Fordson staff afterwards.  The team was extremely impressed by the consistency and emphasis on explicit content and language objectives, student engagement, student articulation of tasks, and the positive climate and culture in every classroom they visited.  In addition, they appreciated the opportunity to discuss our professional development structure and the impact it has on staff which was evidenced as they visited classrooms.

A great big THANK YOU to the Fordson staff for their warm welcome and for allowing our visitors to learn from our incredible Dearborn Public Schools staff.  

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