Dearborn Public Schools

Cajon Valley Visitors Share their Reflections about Dearborn Schools

“Encouraged by [Dearborn Public Schools’] example and success.  Setting the precedence will enable us to move forward with confidence.”  Jo Alegria, Cajon Valley School Board President
“I was mostly impressed by the clear-eyed focus and sheer dedication to English Learner students. I saw this in several ways that stood out:
  • Your teaching team reflects the community. This gives students a sense that they are in their home and that they too can be teachers and change-makers in their community
  • The volume of support staff at schools dedicated to language acquisition.
  • Principals led their schools with a specific focus on English Learners.
  • The central office staff charged with teacher training and support has a clear mandate from the district leadership that their efforts are a priority in the district. This enables smart people to make bold decisions. Plus those charged with executing the mandate lead with passion and hard work. “

Eyal Bergman, Family and Community Engagement Officer

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​”​It is clear that the Dearborn School District is laser focused when it comes to identifying and meeting the needs of their diverse student population. I am so impressed with the comprehensive MTSS model and the ongoing professional development offered to staff. District staff recognize that in order to have systemic change, they need to create a culture where every adult is responsible for student learning. The EL specialists are trained monthly and tasked with bringing that knowledge back to their school site. As the Director of Special Education I was excited to see how the EL department, Compensatory services Department and the Special Education department collaborate in 3D meetings. This cross collaboration ensures that everyone is on the same page and delivering high quality instruction and intervention. In every classroom that we visited it was evident that all staff were trained in best practices and implementing consistently. I was also moved by the great work that Dearborn does to ensure that newcomers and their families feel welcome and supported. They understand the challenge it is to come from another country, particularly a war torn country, and ensure that families and students are greeted by staff that speak their language and represent the community. Overall, our visit to Dearborn far exceeded my expectations. The district staff went out of their way to plan and organize tours of a variety of schools. At each school we were met by the school principal and key staff that spent time describing their journey, successes and challenges. We were also met by Executive Directors and the Superintendent. In a district so large and so busy, we are very grateful for time and efforts spent to help us as we embark on our own journey. Thank you.”
Jenine Henry, Director II, Special Education and Pupil Services

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