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Standards-Based Instruction Amplifies Teaching and Learning

Miller Elementary Staff has been immersed in the Common Core State Standards.  They are excited about the positive changes they believe are in store for them.  The work has really led to a focus on working through the ELA standards and breaking them down to truly have a better understanding of the expectations.  The efforts have led to a more focused approach on teaching the standards effectively and planning measurable academic student tasks.  As a follow-up to a workshop on teaching with the standards in mind, this past week in particular was spent meeting with PLC grade-level teams to refine and extend the learning to ensure equitable access for all kids.

“Our session was informative and eye opening. [The] coaching has already shifted our thoughts, planning, and intentions in a positive and meaningful direction. More importantly, our teaching will be more focused and effective. Our entire staff looks forward to our future professional learning and growth.  I know this is a more efficient and meaningful way to teach, so thank you for your patience and thoroughness.” -S.Klan


“I know a big [take-away] was the clarification on the I do, we do and you do aspects of our mini lessons.  Teachers are now clear on how to implement that during the Daily 5 mini lessons.  Another piece was looking at the (quarterly) pacing guide to help teachers plan their lessons based on hitting certain standards on a weekly basis.  It’ll help everyone get a lot more organized and teach strategically.” -S.Alawy


“Great PD…an eye opener to unwrapping the standards and great lesson ideas that were compatible with standards that we are teaching.” -M.Abdulla

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