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Strategies, Strategies, Strategies

This afternoon, Title I Resource Staff revisited the key elements of a language-rich interactive classroom by engaging in a variety of strategies tied to the common core state standards.  The strategies focused on developing speaking and listening skills, reading with a purpose and writing.  The strategies included the Oral Retelling Task, ABC Brainstorming, Academic Language Word Work, Structured Reading, Structured Writing using textual evidence and foldables.  To sum it up, they had lots of additions to their Strategy Toolboxes!


Here’s some feedback from our 3-2-1 Tickets Out:

3 things I learned are the importance of word work, setting clear content and language objectives and close reading.

2 things I will implement in my classroom are word work and more total response signals.

1 thing I wish is more PD on newcomer strategies!


3 things I learned are the word work activity, how to take the oral retelling task to writing, and new ideas to implement the strategies into different subject areas.

2 things that I want to implement into my class are word work and reading comprehension strategies.

1 thing I wish is more PD on any new strategies.  Thank you!  I love coming to these!


3 things I learned are word work activity, mini-book (foldable) and ABC brainstorm > from lower level to higher level tasks.

2 things I will implement are the ABC sort and word work.

I thing I wish is more PD on strategies for teaching higher level (depths of knowledge).


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