Dearborn Public Schools

California District Team Visits Dearborn

On December 14 and 16, a district team from Cajon Valley Union District visited Dearborn Public Schools to learn how the district supports the teaching and learning of English Learners as well as the specific initiatives the EL Department has in place to serve refugees, a population that is growing exponentially.  The visitors spent two days walking through classrooms and meeting with school staff to debrief and get their questions answered.

The discussions were astounding as they were really impressed with what Dearborn has in place for meeting the needs of all students.  Some of the topics that were positively highlighted through observations and dialogue were the collaborative teaching models, the focus on academic language development, the emphasis on all four language domains, the positive culture and climate in the schools (including the positive relationships among staff and between staff and students), the centralized professional development for support staff and the depth and breadth of professional development opportunities provided to staff.

Thank you to the staff at Salina Elementary, William Ford Elementary, Woodworth Middle School, Miller Elementary and Geer Park Elementary for opening their classroom doors and showcasing the great work that Dearborn teachers do every day!



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