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Reflections from our SIOP Teachers

SIOP has been around for a long time.  It was first introduced in our district back in 2002 and has really evolved since then.

New teachers enrolled in ‘Integration of Content and Language’, also known as the “SIOP class”, share their experiences as they wrap up the semester-long Saturday course with a renewed understanding of what it means to teach English Learners in Dearborn.  

Exploring and learning about the SIOP model has benefitted me immensely. I feel like I understand the “why” of what I do instead of just the “how”. I appreciate the diversity in my classroom so much more because I now know what my students are teaching me about how to teach them is invaluable. Learning about SIOP-based instructional strategies has reignited my passion for teaching. Every time I implemented a strategy that worked for my students, my motivation for teaching was renewed.   – Saffiyah

Today, I am a different educator.  My teacher toolbox is loaded with strategies; my mind is clear of teaching misconceptions; and my classroom will be a learning haven for students of every kind.   – Mona

SIOP training was easily one of the most worthwhile endeavors in relation to my role as a teacher. Not only will it help me accommodate ELLs, it also provided me with tools for all of my students…If I could give one nugget of advice to educators everywhere, it would be to invest some time in SIOP.  Even if you can only take one hour long workshop, do it.  SIOP is a supremely worthwhile style of teaching, and the more you put in to it, the more you will get out. Simply put, I feel like twice the educator I was before starting this training.  – Matt

I found that the key to success in the realm of planning and executing lessons in the SIOP model is to be open minded to new ideas. Being open minded allows us to become better teachers because we can find success in strategies we thought were not relevant to our students’ needs.  – Amy

SIOP has changed my teaching dramatically. While registering for this course I was really hesitating due to the fact that class was on Saturday.  However, I am glad that I did take it because of all the strategies I have learned. Every strategy that I learned I implemented in my classroom.  I have noticed a change in our classroom environment and in students’ academics.  Students are encouraged, motivated and excited to learn.  – Hind

Being in an ELL classroom, my mind has opened up to provide the most effective practices of teaching and preparing for my lessons. When I deliver a lesson, I have plenty of tools to use to ensure my students are taught in the most efficient way. This SIOP class taught me new strategies that not only benefit my ELL students but also my class as a whole.  – Noor

The Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP) training has been a mind shift for me!  I am leaving this class as a stronger and more effective teacher with a whole new treasure in my teaching “toolbox” which will make my teaching experience much more fulfilling and satisfying. – Israa

This SIOP class has absolutely opened my eyes to the numerous new teaching methods not only for my English Learners, but for all students.  This is my first experience working with such a large number EL students and it amazes me to see how quickly they truly do catch on to the content as well as the language.  Teaching is such a rewarding profession and I will continue to push these SIOP strategies into my future lessons because of one simple reason, they work!  – Lauren

SIOP has really enlightened me on different areas to focus on during my daily classroom practices.  The biggest area I have gained a greater understanding is in the content and language objectives.  Content objectives help teachers get a clear focus on content lessons with the state standards, and language objectives determine the language skills to be developed and the language to be practiced.  – Sonya

From taking SIOP training, I feel as though my teaching, planning, and thinking about instruction has changed dramatically.   Through SIOP, my perception of ELLs has changed because I now see how I can be a successful teacher to them even without knowing their L1. Most importantly I have learned to hold the expectations high for ELLs and give them the structure and practice to use English successfully.   I also see how using these strategies benefit ALL students not just ELLs and how it makes me a better all-around teacher.  – Michelle

My perception of ELs has definitely changed throughout my experience in SIOP class.  I thought going in that I already knew quite a bit because I have some experience with teaching ESL students, but in a different manner.  I will go into future years with more confidence and excited to use these strategies and have this mindset from the beginning of the year. – Ryan

I have gained so much respect, once again, for the teaching profession and the SIOP model.  It has shown me an insight into the world of learning that I, as a student, had forgotten.  Sometimes we are so engrossed in the routines that we have been taught to become rigid and inflexible.  Like they say, “out with the old, in with the new”; let’s make learning fun again. – Mohamed

Although I had many successes I feel the biggest success I had was learning how to write content and language objectives. Another strategy that I think has had a positive impact on my classroom is using structured talk and providing sentence stems.  I have seen such a difference in my student’s academic language… I truly feel my students are getting way more out of my teaching now that I have learned all of the SIOP features.  -Heather


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