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Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) Tutors and Students in ACTION!

The AVID tutors at Salina Intermediate and Stout Middle School are in full swing!! The study groups are a maximum of 5 students to one tutor and are supervised by the AVID elective teacher.  The tutors facilitate each stage of the tutorial process by supporting problem-solving strategies through an inquiry process.  

Students complete Cornell notes guided by an Essential Question in content area classes and identify points of confusion (POC).  The first step is for one student (student presenter) to write his/her POC question on the whiteboard and explain their pre-work.  Next, group members ask the student presenter higher-order thinking questions to probe deeper into possible approaches to solving the POC.  This process helps the student presenter to make sense of the question and record notes on the board while group members take their own three-column notes on what he/she has written.  At the end of each tutorial session all students write a reflection on their learning.
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