Dearborn Public Schools

Improving Teacher Quality (ITQ) Grant

It’s official!  The MDE grant, focusing on teacher preparation, was awarded to the University of Michigan-Dearborn on September 28.  This is a partnership with Dearborn Public Schools for 30 K-12 teachers to receive 6 credits towards their ESL Endorsement.  The two classes will take place on Saturdays at ASC in the Fall and Winter terms.  One class focuses on Second Language Teaching through SIOP and the other class concentrates on the foundationf reading with an emphasis on adapting reading instruction and assessment for English Language Learners. We are very grateful to Associate Professor Martha A. Adler, University of Michigan-Dearborn for seeking this grant for Dearborn Public Schools, and to Jill Chochol, Rose Aldubaily, Maura Sedgeman, Ross Groover and Nadra Lamberti for making this vital opportunity a reality.

Human Line Graph  U of M class


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