Dearborn Public Schools

EL Identification and Placement

To register their children in the Dearborn Public Schools, parents complete the home language survey during the enrollment process.  If a student has any language other than English in either “Home Language” or “1st Language spoken”, he/she will be considered as potentially eligible for English language acquisition services.  The bilingual resource teacher then administers the WIDA-ACCESS Placement Test (W-APT) to assess the student’s academic language development.  An additional reading (and writing) assessment is administered for more information.  The resource teacher reviews the data to determine eligibility for English language acquisition services.

The testing and placement process must be completed within 30 days from the beginning of the school year or within 10 days of enrollment thereafter.

Bilingual Resource Teachers have been busy screening potentially eligible English Learners since the start of the school year.  So far for 2015-16, over 1,500 English Learners have been screened and enrolled into the EL program based on the entrance criteria set by the Michigan Department of Education. 

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